Non-Refrigerated CUW Series

CUW Series Non-Refrigerated Liquid To Liquid Heat Exchangers

CUW Series Unit

Non-Refrigerated Heat Exchangers

ELECTRO IMPULSE LAB., INC. CUW Series water-cooled, non-refrigerated units provide one of the most efficient and convenient types of cooling. Heat is dissipated from customer's liquid coolant to tap or facility water. Wide selection of coolant types in both primary (recirculating) and secondary (customer supplied, ultimate heat sink) coolant, including water, glycol/water solutions, PAO, fluorocarbons or other liquids. Use where coolant temperature control is less critical. Recirculating coolant temperature will be slightly above incoming tap or facility coolant temperature.

Liquid cooled units allow circulation of controlled, high purity water (or other coolants) in a closed loop, with high efficiency and low noise. Secondary coolant is automatically modulated by cooling system to conserve water and provide primary loop temperature control. Minimal heat is added to room ambient.

ELECTRO IMPULSE LAB., INC. CUW Series cooling units have extremely high heat transfer efficiency. Our units provide lower coolant temperatures while using far less water than those of any known competitor. This is made possible by use of proprietary heat transfer arrangements which utilize compound flows, enhanced surface area and approach temperatures which are optimized by true counterflow arrangements.